Mount Lebanon Academy
Mission Statement

The Academy continues to be committed to helping our students achieve a high level of academic excellence. Your child's education is our priority. We are dedicated to providing personalized educational experiences to all of our students. We currently look to the future with high aspirations of fostering new and enriching learning environments. 

Our programs are designed for students of all abilities. Our symbol, the learning tree, represents growth and knowledge; the elements within the tree indicate our present focus on reading, math, and composition skills, together with an equally important enrichment of computer instruction. Our Internet connection also enables students to access the Internet and use technology to facilitate learning.

Our teachers seek to develop in each student a love of learning by encouraging independent thought, rewarding creativity, and being open to alternative ways to solve problems. We believe the experience, the professionalism, the caring, and the dedication of the faculty, ultimately determine the character of a school. This is Mount Lebanon Academy’s strength. This factor accounts for why so many parents are choosing to give their children an enriching educational opportunity at the Academy.

Furthermore, we believe by incorporating computers and other new technologies into the instructional process, students have the advantage of applying their skills and imaginations toward a very worthy goal—namely a better education today and a better world tomorrow.

Carolyn J. Pasanek, Director/Owner


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