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Mount Lebanon Academy is a private school licensed by the State Board of Private Academic Schools. Programs are offered in all academic areas, elementary/secondary tutoring, educational testing, remediation, and enrichment.


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What’s Hot This Year?

The hot topics include an emphasis on math and technology skills. The National Mathematics Advisory Panel of the U.S. Department of Education recently issued a final report which states that international and domestic comparisons show American students have not been succeeding in the mathematical part of their education at a level expected of an international leader, and they go on to state that American students’ achievement is at a mediocre level by comparison to peers worldwide. Consistent with these findings is the growing demand for remedial math among freshman in 4 year colleges across the nation.  Observers of educational policy on the panel see algebra as a central concern for algebra is a gateway to later achievement, and it correlates significantly with success in college and earnings from employment.

A major goal for K-8 as well as high school students should be proficiency with key concepts, automaticity with the basic facts, strategic competence with problem solving, and accurate and automatic execution of standard algorithms,. In addition, proficiency with fractions (including decimals, percent, and negative fractions) is fundamental for algebra and at present these skills seem to be severely underdeveloped. Students will also need to be able to utilize digital media and Web technologies in order to be prepared to communicate, collaborate, and create. These skills are a necessity for future success in the 21st century.

Quick action is needed to strengthen students’ performance in math and technology so we invite you to review our summer programs and begin to fill the learning void recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education. Summer classes or various tutorials during the academic year can address weaknesses and provide a stronger foundation for future success in key subject areas. Take advantage of this opportunity to expose your son/daughter to a summer or academic year learning experience. By enrolling now, you can help to ensure your child's future success. (See new math programs and technology classes)


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